Micromem Team

Joe Fuda
President, CEO

Joseph Fuda has been President, CEO and a Director of Micromem since February, 2002. Before leading Micromem, Mr. Fuda was involved in the investment banking industry and was a principal shareholder, director and Vice-President with EFI Capital, a Toronto-based financial services firm sold in 2003. EFI had offices across Canada and owned and operated insurance, brokerage and trust services.

Dan Amadori

Dan Amadori has more than 35 years of experience in the financial services sector. After graduating with a B.Comm from McGill in 1972, and an MBA from Ivey Business School in 1974 he qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1976. He has successfully concluded numerous transactions in different industry sectors across North America. Mr. Amadori has served as CFO of a number of public and private companies over the past two decades and currently serves as an officer or a director of several other public and private companies.

Oliver Nepomuceno

Mr. Nepomuceno has served as a Director of Micromem Technologies Inc. since June, 2006. He is currently an investment officer for Crystal Business S.A., an investment company based in Lugano, Switzerland. His principal responsibility is to manage commercial and investment businesses worldwide in several fields and industries. Under his direction, numerous companies have been able to improve their business and generate profitability worldwide.

Alex Dey
Director and Chair of Audit Committee

Mr. Dey has been a Director of Micromem since 2012. He operated as Alex Dey, Chartered Accountant until August, 2004 at which point he retired from private practice. He continues to provide professional services to a number of small businesses.